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Poor Savings Rates but Far Better Equity Release Deals

5:04 PM

Have you been shopping around for a half-reasonable savings plan lately and found that ‘The Royal Bank of Under the Mattress’ seems to be offering the highest dividends at the moment? What is going on in the financial world currently?

The banks and building societies could definitely afford to offer much better rates on savings at the moment, than the pitiful interest rates that seems to be around at the moment. Especially when you see what they’re charging to actually lend money and when equity release UK companies are falling over themselves at the moment to offer their […]

Do Your Research to Find the Best Equity Release UK Deals

5:04 PM

The Basics
Equity release schemes are one of the best ways that elderly people can release money to live a comfortable life. With the help of these schemes, they can release some amount of capital from their property. This cash can then be used as a supplement to their retirement income.

Through equity release schemes, elderly people can get a lump sum amount of cash or a steady income or a combination of both. As income tax is not charged on the equity release amount, homeowners will get the full sum agreed. They can use the money to […]

Equity Release Deals and How They Can Benefit You

5:03 PM

Money is a very important part of everyone’s life. People try to earn as much as they can in their heyday. This is because they know that once the working age fleets away, they have to settle with the fixed income nature of retirement pensions that they then receive. When they are earning they try to earn enough so that they can live well after they retire. But that does not always help. To top this, the cost of living keeps rising & pensions never seem enough when coping in the world of finance & grandchildren!

What can […]