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Gaining Basic Financial Skills

12:19 PM

Learning to manage your money is a very important skill. Even after the telling events of the economic crisis, many people remain uninformed. A basic knowledge of finance will help in every area of your life: from purchasing your first car to the business of taking out a Stonehaven Equity Release mortgage.

Where to Find Information
The best way to gain knowledge of finance is simply to enrol on a short course of study. Most basic business courses offered at colleges, specialised institutes and even universities will teach you the things you need to know about money. The […]

How Old Do I Need to Be to Use a Home Reversion Calculator?

2:28 PM

Before using a home reversion calculator, it is best to understand the product it is going to give you values for. You should be aware that there are two types of equity release schemes on the market. This is in the sense of categories in which there are different forms of the product. You have the option of choosing between a lifetime mortgage and home reversion. They are definitely different in how old you need to be, plus how they work. If you use a lifetime mortgage calculator, the results shown are not going to be the same as with […]

It May be Time for a Switch Plans Equity Release Analysis

1:31 PM
Switch Equity Release

Why do you always have to wake up early in the morning and go to work? Why do you have to save money for a tomorrow that might never be? Faith and trust is all that drives us each day, which is the main reason why we do work and believe that tomorrow will come, and brighter than it is today. Doubt is the reason why many of us have to save some money for the future, because we are unsure of what tomorrow will bring, and if it will be as bright as is today. Depending on your financial […]

Do Your Research to Find the Best Equity Release UK Deals

5:04 PM

The Basics
Equity release schemes are one of the best ways that elderly people can release money to live a comfortable life. With the help of these schemes, they can release some amount of capital from their property. This cash can then be used as a supplement to their retirement income.

Through equity release schemes, elderly people can get a lump sum amount of cash or a steady income or a combination of both. As income tax is not charged on the equity release amount, homeowners will get the full sum agreed. They can use the money to […]